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We established our trekking company in 2014 and, since then, have been working hard to give tourists a taste of our local, community through a variety of treks and tours.

Young men from the Sembalun area, who are passionate about sharing our culture with you and helping to make a difference in our local community.


1. Give tourists an authentic experience to show you what rural Indonesia is really like…!!!

2. Empower our local community, especially in the wake of the 2018 earthquake where 80% of homes were damaged or destroyed Our packages include….!!!!!!

1. Located within walking distance  of  famous  treks  on  Mt Rinjani and other beautiful, Rural landscapes

2. Competitive prices and experienced, friendly, and trusted guides who, speak English

3. Focus on safety and making sure you have a positive, high quality, experience

4. Our company already has a permit from the Local government And Of Mount Rinjani National Park

5. We Have many friends in the area of Lombok to ensure our customers activity running smoothly

6. Our Helping the community resource development

7. We provide a wide range of Best Places to tourists both from lodging, transportation and dining

All our tours are private and flexible, developed according to your interests, time and budget.

We accept customers from any country, as well as age, interests, and budget, who have planned many trips for your tour package, explore ideas for your own tour.


STANDARD PACKAGE Service is one of our best-selling trekking packages with standard quality camping equipment and food.

DELUXE PACKAGE Services are for guests who are interested in an extraordinary experience with an exceptional level of service utilizing high  quality camping equipment and staying in beautiful pre-trip bungalows in Lombok. Our Budget Package Services offer more challenging adventures, with the opportunity to experience the unique SASAK (Lombok) culture, with “Home Stay”, spending your time in the village by staying at a local resident’s home.

Explore the tourist activities below and contact us / wa: at +6282340270370 (Jung). Or fill out the Payment Form on our website, and we can work together on the perfect journey for you.

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Explore – Sembalun Vilage 1 Day Duration 50$ 1 Person

Sembalun Panorama walk, is the best panoramic tour in Lombok. To understand the unique beauty…

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Harvesting – strawberries – 1 Day Duration 30$ 1 Person

Besides being famous for green vegetables, Sembalun is in an area that is suitable for growing…

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Pergasingan hill – Sunrise Trip -1 Day Duration 100$ 1 Person

Pergasingan sunrise trip is, one of the attractions of  Lombok’s most famous, offers a beautiful…

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Pergasingan Hill 2Day-1Night – Camping 160$ 1 Person

Pergasingan hill is a great place to spend time and release the pressure of everyday life with fresh air…

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Rinjani Summit 2Day-1Night – Camping 200$ 1 Person

Trekking Mount Rinjani package 2 days 1 night is the shortest Rinjani trekking to the top of that we…

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Rinjani Hikking 4Day-3Night, Via Sembalun 275$ 1 Person

Rinjani Trekking Packages 3Day 4Night is a more leisurely trip. You can spend your first night…

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Waterfall Tour 1 Day Duration 50$ 1 Person

Waterfall tour, which is located in the north of Lombok offers you the opportunity to explore…

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Kondo Hill 2Day-1Night Camping 160$ 1 Person

Rinjani Mountain area is a lot of natural beauty store, one of which Kondo Hill, located at…

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Coffe Plantation 1Day Duration 36$ 1 person

History records that Sembalun was once the center of a coffee plantation in the Lombok…

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Mount Rinjani
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