Strawberry Picking 1 Day trip, 30$ 1 Person

Besides being famous for green vegetables, Sembalun is in an area that is suitable for growing strawberries, this is a place not to be missed when you visit Lombok. One of them is picking strawberries directly from the plants in the village of Sembalun. The local farmers will then make you a delicious glass of pure organic strawberry juice.The strawberry gardens garden named Strawbery Purna Travel.

The presence of these gardens and farmland are in an area of natural beauty. The views cannot be separated from the rising potential for tourism in the village of Sembalun, Sembalun village not far from the point Mountaineering Rinjani slowly taking shape. Full name ato known as the Purna, which is located at an altitude of 1200 meters. In addition, the location of 3000 square meters it also presents a beautiful view of nature the mountains.

Strowberry Pickking

* The goal is the tourists can enjoy the freshness of the juice before conducting picking strawberries. There are 10 thousand plants of strawberry  types of California. This type selected as the most widely cultivated in Indonesia. Sweet tastes sour.

* Tours are open 08.00 to 17.00 pm, also has a parking area facilities and a shop that sells a variety of food and more.

* The admission price is only Rp 15 thousand to free welcome drink. If visitors take home a strawberry to pay Rp 50,000 per kg

* Activities directly picking strawberries will make you happy and peaceful. Pleasure arises, not only because of the sensation of directly picking strawberries, but because of the incredible scenery.

* 2 things you should know full travel strawberry picking

* If you are the type of travelers who do not like crowds, we recommend you come here out Sunday, school holidays, and the big day. Because on that day many tourists who visit.

* The right time to enjoy picking strawberries travel during the afternoon. Besides the weather is not hot, the air is cool, and the scenery is breathtaking. You will get a lot of bonus if here during the afternoon. Do not forget to bring your best camera, to capture your Moment.