Pergasingan Sunrise Trip-1 Day Duration, 100$ 1-Person

Pergasingan sunrise trip is, one of the attractions of  Lombok’s most famous, offers a beautiful sunrise and sunset with hills luxury around the village semblaun with carpet rice colorful and beautiful panorama of Mount Rinjani, will look like when you climb a hill pergasingan. In this sunrise Pergasingan program you will be guided by our local Guid that will take you and explain about things that are unique in the village Sembalun. This is the best vacation activities we provide for you before climbing Mt. Rinjani because your short trip in Lombok. Pergasingan of the hill you will see the stars at night are beautiful, stunning lights of the village Sembalun,


Pergasingan hill located in the northeast of Mount Rinjani height 1710 m above sea level, so you can climb up to 3 hours and 2.5 hours down. You may have a longer program if you want to experience a night in a tent and enjoy the stars at night are beautiful and warm campfire. In this trekking program guides we will serve you with hot coffee or tea and a light breakfast with some fruit

  • * 03:00 you will be picked up by our trekking guide in the hotel where you stay
  • * 03:15 You will start running toward a climbing lane
  • * 06:00 Tea-coffee while waiting for the sunrise
  • * 06:15 Light breakfast, while enjoying the sunrise
  • * 07:00 back to the site because it has a panoramic hill west rinjani beautiful mountain
  • * 08:00 Sembalun walk back to the village and go to your next destination
  • * Warm jacket
  • * Flashlight
  • * Hats Warm
  • * Camera
  • * Sembalun village scenery from a height of 1710 meters above sea level
  • * The sun rises in the east
  • * A vast sea of dang mountain Tambora
  • * Mount Rinjani
  • * Bird sound and wild animals


  • Sunrise pergasingan hill
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