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Coffe Sembalun

History records that Sembalun was once the center of a coffee plantation in the Lombok area. Because almost every resident, in his yard must grow coffee, even on average have a coffee garden up to 2 hectares. This was conveyed by Rusmala, the coffee gathering coordinator in Sembalun. In addition, together with other farmers, Mala, her nickname, aspires to raise the name Kopi Juang Sembalun to the highest level.

Starting from the increasing number of consumers of coffee enthusiasts, especially when there are traditional events or begawe in the villages, Rusmala took the initiative to develop a home coffee business in Sembalun which has long been stalled. “We only started this business around 2014, and even then only by buying from farmers in Sembalun. Until now we only have 12 assisted farmers, “he explained. Sebalun Coffee was stopped

This long struggle also borefruit, with an initial capital of around Rp.4.5 million Rusmala bought coffee from farmers, then processed it traditionally and tried to package it well, so it sold Rp.15 million. “So far, there have been orders from Jakarta and Singapore, which have sold up to Rp15 million in the first farm. “So far there are still many distributions in the area around Sembalun, and there are not even many in Mataram yet,” he said.

The coffee plant in Sembalun is indeed legendary, it is said that even before the horticultural boom, coffee was planted in Sembalun. Why is it called Kopi Juang, because it is the result of the struggle of farmers to be able to reclaim the land that they had owned since 1964, “said Rusmala.

Initially around 1964, farmers received 120 ha of land prepared in the form of Farmer Business Loans (KUT) by the government, “Rusmala said, starting the conversation. The types of coffee grown on 120 ha of land are mostly Arabica.

“In the past about 70 farmers in Sembalun received assistance land in the form of KUT, each one received around 1-2 hectares. But because in the third year the farmers experienced the first crop failure, they must be willing to pay credit with the land loan, “Rusmala said. “Poor farmers have to lose their land,” he concluded.


Because of that Kopi Juang Sembalun, Making interesting ideas by offering coffee garden packages, and drinking coffee at the location of the coffee plantation,


1. 07:00 to 07:30 Preparation, Breakfast from the hotel and get ready for the Trip.

2. 08:00 to 12:00 Start a journey from Sembalun to the coffee plantation

3. 12:00 to 15:00 Lunch, proceed to education about coffee

4. 15:00 to 16:00 Sembalun and return to the hotel / transfer to your next destination.

This is what you get when you take the tour coffee package

1. See coffee plantations in Sembalun sub-district

2. Picking coffee directly

3. Education about coffee

4. Grow coffee

5. Taste the original Sembalun coffee


  • Explore Coffe Plntation
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