We established our trekking company in 2014 and, since then, have been working hard to give tourists a taste of our local, community through a variety of treks and tours.



Young men from the Sembalun area, who are passionate about sharing our culture with you and helping to make a difference in our local community.


1. Give tourists an authentic experience to show you what rural Indonesia is really like…!!!

2. Empower our local community, especially in the wake of the 2018 earthquake where 80% of homes were damaged or destroyed Our packages include….!!!!!!

  • Trekking including multi day packages on Mt Rinjani and surrounding mountains
  • Sembalun Village Tours
  • Cooking classes
  • Farm visits
  • Traditional weaving
  • Bamboo treatment
  • Environmental tours of waterfalls
  • Eco-brick making


Why choose Balenta Trekking?

  • Located within walking distance of famous treks on Mt Rinjani and other beautiful Rural landscapes
  • Competitive prices and experienced, friendly, and trusted guides who speak English
  • Focus on safety and making sure you have a positive, high-quality experience

The Best Team Work

Jung Rinjani is the operator of Balenta Trekking. He is passionate about the environment and his village of Sembalun – Lombok. He loves to take his clients on a journey of discovery, experiencing the real Indonesia. Either trekking or cultural immersion, Jung will ensure you discover real people living authentic lives.

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The advantages if working with us

1. Balenta Trekking, Sembalun Lombok is located within walking distance to the famous treks of Rinjani Mountain and Pergasigan Hill.

2. We offer very competitive prices, integrity, honesty, friendly and trusted guides who take care of your every need.

3. The focus is on the safety of our customers and ensuring their trips are pleasant and memorable.

4. We have an experienced team of local tour guides. Our guides live in Sembalun and speak English.

5. All of our tour packages are fantastic, making your vacation an experience not to be found elsewhere. The memories, people, culture, food and friendliness will stay with you forever.